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  • Andwise is a professional digital marketing communications enterprise.

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  • E-mail Marketing Solution

    ThunderMail is an e-mail marketing solution for stable and secure campaign mails. ThunderMail also provides accurate analysis and high-reach management features that help improve marketing performance through marketing.

    Contents Management Solution

    JiniWorks XE is equipped with the latest web standards and accessibility. It is a web contents manage system, which allows the creation and distribution of editable content, that can be easily used by anyone.

    Social Media Management Service

    ENPICK is an effective social media management and analysis system. ENPICK provides social media management features that allow you to publish, monitor, and listen. It also provides social media marketing analysis of competitors’ activities, as well as yours, to help you make smart marketing decisions. Stay engaged in the conversation in real-time with ENPICK.

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