Gather customer’s opinions using various survey methods

E-mail surveys are a convenient method of collecting information about a product and service or to carry out market research. Before e-mail surveys, surveys were carried out through phone or filled surveys, but the response rate was very low and it took a long time to analyze the results of the surveys.


E-mail surveys are very cheap and the results can be analyzed in real time. This is why it is very helpful in making quick decision. E-mail surveys do not only include simple multiple-choice questions, but also short answer questions. Through these questions it is possible to analyze customer opinion in more depth.

  • E-mail Survey

    Through e-mail surveys, gather customer opinion in real time to utilize in marketing strategy and policy making material.

  • Various Survey Methods

    Carry out surveys using various methods including multiple choice, short answer, matrix, compulsory response, plural response, and skip patterns.

  • Recycle Existing Surveys

    Recycle survey forms and existing survey questions for any user to easily carry out surveys.

  • Real Time Statistics

    Results from surveys carried out by e-mail can be checked in real-time. Maximize the potential of the survey by using the raw data with general survey response results.

Construct surveys by applying skip patterns appropriately with matrix, ranking, criterion, number/letter input, compulsory response, and plural response.


Also, corporate logos, corporate names, colors, and images can be added when creating surveys. It is possible to connect the link for respondents to the public relations landing page after finishing the survey. Survey deadline terms can be set for a period of time or the number of respondents. This can be modified while the survey is being carried out. Various result analysis and charts in order to provide insight for customer opinion can be taken advantage of by linking up other programs after downloading raw data.

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