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Send secure mail containing important personal information

Linked mail is usually linked with an encryption solution to send secure mail.

When sending messages containing customer’s personal information (i.e. Electronic bill, payroll, tuition bill, report cards, etc), it is legally required to encrypt all of the information.


Similar to auto mail, linked mail is sent by linking with a system; however, for auto mail, a small load of mail is handled in real time, whereas linked mail is used to handle a constant cartload of mail.


It is possible to link up with a system through API. However, for linked mail there is no limit for variable value and the mail has to be sent at a fixed time, which is separate to a marketing mail schedule; thus, it is suggested to construct a separate engine.

  • ThunderMail

    Replace variable value of HTML content to be sent by attachment file, prepare contents, and link API with security mail solution for sending handling.

  • Encrypt Mail

    Apply public key and symmetry key to encrypt documents like bills, fee break downs, notices, report cards. This is useful for companies and/or public institutes sending electronic mail to apply.

  • E-Mail Bill

    Attach electronic signature to encrypt electronic mail to verify identification of the sender, support to open mail after confirmation of signer’s data.

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