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Essential Features for E-Mail Marketing

With the standard features provided by ThunderMail, it is possible to fully engage in e-mail marketing work.


Mail sending rate is an average of 300,000 to 500,000 e-mails per hour based on one isolated server. Statistics for success/failure/mail open/link click and sending rates are available.


For failed mail, analyze return messages and accurately categorize permanent failure mail reasons. Permanent failure mail is listed and managed separately by the system so that they can be automatically filtered out when sending mail next time. This allows reach rates to stay high. Other statistics and information can be used by marketers for remarketing.

  • Stabilized Mail Sending

    Mail sending rate is an average of 300,000 to

    500,000 e-mails per hour based on one isolated

    server. Statistics for success/failure/mail open/

    link click and sending rates are available

  • Contents Management

    Manage often used mail template, manage attachment file for mail, manage sender mail and test mail

  • Recipient Group Management

    Register receiver management by file upload, register receiver by direct query input, and manage as receiver group list

  • Sending Environment Optimization by Domain

    Maintain and Manage High Reach Through
    Sending Environment Optimization By Domain
    of Domestic and Foreign Major Portal Mail

  • Support Multi-Lingual Mail

    Provide standard mail editor, personalized
    mail fill up function by mapping customer’s information, support Multilanguage mail
    basis of UTF-8

  • Account Group Management

    Account group management by tree structure pattern, each account group or each account usage authority setting, user password encrypt management

  • Various Statistics

    Provide mail sending result, success/failure/mail open/link click details, details manage of click object for each links

  • System Management

    Link set customer’s DB, permanent failure mail separate list management, manage failure message pattern, sending engine status and log information management

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