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Precise Result Analysis Throughout Error Message Pattern Analysis

When sending mails, it is important to react appropriately by analyzing mail returning types. In mail returning types, unknown host or unkown user errors are cases of typographical errors in the mail address. This needs to be rechecked and resent. It is also important to enhance the response rate by taking actions for cases like no memory in recipient’s mail box or rejected receiving status.


For Thundermail, by analyzing error codes from return mail recipient server, it provides more precise result. This can be a very efficient analyzing tool.

  • Matching
    Response Code

    Response Message


    5.2.1 RACT is inactive: <>


    5.2.1 DDENY The receiver denied your mail.

    Please contact the receiver with another way.: <>


    Block Incoming


With precise result analysis on e-mail sending, measure client’s tracking data, it is possible to check how many received mail is opened, what percent of people clicked the advertisement. Also linking up with web log analysis service, it is possible to measure how many people visited website by clicking the link has actually joined as a member or bought a product.

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