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Digital Marketing Main Channel E-mail

E-mail marketing is a digital marketing channel with a long tradition and its effectiveness is very high compared to its expenses.

The number of customers with e-mail is constantly increasing worldwide. Communication via email maintains relationship with customers and provides efficient ways to improve and develop these relationships. As the number of customers checking e-mail via smart-phone/tablet is increasing and the number of customers checking via PC is decreasing, it is now very important to consider mobile devices for e-mail marketing. Constructing content to enhance legibility is compulsory so that customers can check mail on all of their devices. It has to be automated by linking appropriate messages to draw out client’s responses and actions at peak time periods. Also, it can maximize the synergy between channels; for example, inflow of customers to social media through e-mails. Henceforth, development of big data techniques means more personalized messages can be sent to customers as well as further analyses will be possible from the results gained from it. Continuing remarketing on the basis of this analysis will result in an overall increase in ROI.

  • Mobile

    Send mail optimized for mobile devices, link up with social media channels to increase the inflow of viewers, utilize information in marketing decisions by analyzing member response from both PC and mobile.

  • Mobile

    Analyze message patterns along with error codes to make more precise mail sending result measurements and maintain high reach rates by filtering out permanent failure mail.

  • Mobile

    Categorize and trace each link by content types to utilize variously for 2nd and 3rd remarketing, Improve constant marketing ROI through periodic performance analysis.

  • Mobile

    SQL-INJECTION hacking prevention logic is applied; important parameters are all encrypted for web security consolidation on communication, saving for solution.

E-mail marketing solution – ThunderMail

ThunderMail, created in early 2000, is getting acknowledged in the e-mail marketing solution industry. Our developers acquired technical skill and knowhow from testing and benchmarking nearly 500 e-mail marketing systems and are constantly making progress not only to simply measure cartload mail sending result, but to also consider various marketing method theories and endeavour to provide de facto marketing outcome analysis and its improvement.


ThunderMail supports various operating systems because it is a Java-based solution, allowing it to also work on various environments and multiple browsers. It also applies the latest techniques such as jQuery and Spring to provide users with a new experience and analyze marketing outcome in different ways in order to help users make educated remarketing decisions based on the analysis of the results.

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