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Maintain high Reach Rates by Filtering Incorrect Mail Address

Ine-mail marketing, the most important thing is the status of mail arriving in the client’s inbox. Proper arrival for the mail will eventually lead to a mail open, link click, or even the expectation of purchasing intent.


Maintaining a high reach rate is one of the hardest things in e-mail marketing.

It is hard to acquire member’s emails and maintain and manage it.

  • Sending Environment Optimization by Domain

  • SPF(Sender Policy Framework)

  • Reverse Domain Settings

  • Cause of Failure Analysis and Corrective Actions

  • Maintenance and Management of
    High Reach

  • All Member E-mail

  • Filtered E-mail

  • Unknown User

  • Unknown Domain

  • Format Error

  • Sleep

ThunderMail sends standard mail as STMP regulation in the background and optimizes each domain’s reception environment to make it possible to maintain high reach rates. Also, ThunderMail filters out incorrect mail addresses from mails that failed to send through advanced verification. It separately manages permanently failed mails for future sending.


This type of filtering that ThunderMail provides is a big part in smoothing out e-mail marketing.

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