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Stabilized Cartload Mail Sending and Real Time Result Analysis

Having one solution to introduce puts considerable pressure on the system operator. Introducing a product that has high expectation makes the pressure even greater thus creating the need for greater care for ongoing operations. It takes 3 to 5 years to carefully prepare a solution to be introduced

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    Stabilized Cartload
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Thundermail was developed and intended as a verified various world wide open source.


Thundermail’s front-end part provides user convenience by using familiar bootstrap from Twitter and jQuery from strong JavaScript library to provide stabilized and fast action for customers using various browsers on the basis of Ajax. Also, the back-end part is constructed by spring3.0, mybatis3 on the basis of jdk1.6 and Tomcat7 from WAS providing flexible linking functions and RDBMS like maraDB, mysql, mssql, oracle to materialize safe and fast performance.


For web security problems, hacking prevention logic such as SQL-INJECTION is applied. All important parameters are encrypted to communicate or be saved. Also, throughout RESTful, provide API basis of JSON, it is possible to link simply with various solutions.


Thundermail’s engine is developed on the technique of pure java(jdk1.6), materialized as multi threading to attend quickly for same time work attend and cartload work capability. These technical skills as a background send cartload mails from 3-5 hundred thousand per hour very stably while providing various statistics by collecting sending results in real time.

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